We, like many of you, are huge fans of dually trucks!

We've always believed that a dually truck's individuality was embodied in the fitment and stance provided by a well-fitting wheel and tire. Fitment has always played the most important role in what makes a vehicle genuinely stand out, whether it's a stock Ford or a lifted Dodge.”

We quickly discovered that there was no single source for great information on dually wheel and tire fitment. There are a lot of different things to consider when choosing the right wheel and tire for your dually. Some manufacturers offer wheels with one offset option and others offer options for stock, leveled or lifted tire sizing. There are dually styles and there are also super single front options for some styles. You have cast wheels that are on the shelf and ready to ship immediately and there are custom built forged styles that give you the option of going with a more personal look. We also offer custom painting on all wheels.  The bottom line is dually wheel options can be overwhelming so why guess? Let the pros at Duallywheels.com help guide you through the process and get you the look you want and deserve!”


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